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Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Since 100 examples is a bit demanding, I'll give you 50 synonyms from 10 words.

The words we'll be using:
Small, Soft, Wet, Weak, Long, Create, Hold, Run, Jump, Smile

Synonyms of Small
Little, Mini, short, dimunitive, tiny, fine, petite

Synonyms of Soft
Downy, silky, dull, low, weak, spongy, limp, malleable

Synonyms of Wet
Moist, watery, soppy, soggy, drenched, awashed

Synonyms of Weak
Wimpy, sapped, faint, soft, flimsy

Synonyms of Long
Elongated, lengthy, outstretched, extended

Synonyms of Create
Cause, make, construct

Synonyms of Hold
Cling, Clench, Wait, Grip, grasp, clasp

Synonyms of Run
Dash, Gallop, Sprint, Scuttle

Synonyms of Jump
Leap, Bounce, Hop, Vault, Spring

Synonyms of Smile
Beam, Grin

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